New Projects in spring 2018

Port of Antwerp awarded the contract to develop and test a special VAWT water turbine in their Locks at Kallo. In competion with other European developers of tidal energy turbines, De Meyer Construction Works in Temse and W2E were selected on the basis of a Preliminary design made by Water2Energy and Water Power Turbines. The novelty in this design is that the turbine can be lowered through a relatively small 2,5 x 0,85 meter slot into a channel running 11 meter under
ground surface. The water velocities in these so called rush channels exist due to tidal difference between the river Scheldt and the (left bank) docks of Port
of Antwerp. PoA develops also the special methods to control these water velocities. 

Design 2010, in operation since 2012

The first designs originate from 2010 and have been upgraded by Kieu Engineering. The baptising ceremony of the first Dversion prototype, called Dragonfly I, was in autumn 2012.

The DI was launched at Shipyard VSH in Heusden and tested in river Lek, next to Rotterdam. In 2014 the turbine and pitch control of the foils were further improved and a next generation called D II was introduced and tested in the Scheldt river next to Antwerp, Belgium.

Assessing fish friendliness in Maurik

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Dragonfly II in the Schelde

D II was tested with PRO-TIDE and WenZ Belgium from October 20th till December 16th 2014 in the

Scheldt estuaries near Antwerp (Temse)!

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Dragonfly I

End 2013 D I was tested in the Lek

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