With Water2Σnergy you get access to the tremendous reservoirs of blue Σnergy in oceans, tides as well as rivers.

For ages energy has been subtracted from tides and rivers by watermills with a horizontal axis. This was a cheap and reliable source of energy in mills for wood, grain, etc. Nowadays, energy can be transported from the locations with water currents to places were it will be used: grid connected!

Our VAWT turbines have far higher efficiencies too, still making use of tidal currents and flows in rivers. In addition, they even work in remote areas.

Extract this energy with an efficient VAWT, a Vertical Axis Water Turbine



" The turbine rotor proved to be self-starting at low currents and the power yield was true to promise."

Roel Notelé, projectingenieur Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV.

Dragonfly I and II